A Few Customer Reviews


Carole and Tomas

For quite a while, my wife Carole and I had been thinking of visiting the Camargue and the eastern regions of Provence on bicycle. There could not possibly have been a better way than through our bike tour with the expert guidance and support of Andy and Jane of Fellow Velo! We have taken several bike tours before, but this was by far the best, thanks to the personalized routes Jane and Andy chose for us. The selected routes met both our love of biking and our desire to enjoy all the charms of the region. Jane and Andy’s intimate knowledge of the area allowed them to seek out and recommend precisely those lesser known routes with interesting and varied paths that allowed us to see and experience everything we had hoped. All the hotels and B&Bs where we stayed were charming and comfortable and the lovely breakfasts fortified us for the biking ahead. Jane and Andy also happen to be two of the nicest and kindest people you could ever hope to meet. When I foolishly left my cell phone in an Arles boulangerie, we made a long detour to retrieve it. Now that we are home, the memories of our experience will sustain us until the next Fellow Velo trip we are planning with other friends and members of our family.

Jacqui and Sandy

Sandy and Jacqui

Fantastic tour! Superb planning, scenic routes, welcoming and comfortable chambre d’hotes and hotels – and the most extensive and detailed route notes we have met in over 25 years of cycle touring. Our, “adventurous,” tour was a superb balance between track and tarmac. Day to day tour support was efficient and fun.
Thank you Andy & Jane – it’s going to be very hard to beat this cycle tour!




I thought about writing this review in ALL CAPS, to emphasize just how much fun we had! It was seriously a trip of a lifetime thanks to Fellow Velo! Fragrant valleys, sun drenched vineyards, village markets, wineries, plus a dip in the Mediterranean!?! It was everything I hoped our trip to Provence would be and so much more. I have never been on a bike tour before this and I found this trip to be just my speed. Jane and Andy have carefully selected each day’s bike routes and the overnight accommodations. It was such a treat to wake up to the beautifully prepared breakfasts at the places we stayed. Jane and Andy are awesome and they really went above and beyond to ensure we had a great time. I can’t wait to book another trip with Fellow Velo.



What a trip!!! Andy and Jane really thought out this trek, and delivered on a lot of levels. Our accommodations were unbelievable. The breakfasts every morning were delicious. The views along the routes were heavenly. The towns along the route were fabulous. The route had equal parts challenging, thrilling, and super mellow. And I left Provence feeling that we saw places and things we never would have found on our own. It’s so great to visit an unknown location with all the knowlege of a local. Bravo, Andy and Jane!! Thanks for taking care of our group.
I (Sadly) flew home knowing there is no better way to see the Var region than on a bicycle by day and foot by evening. What a Trip!!!