Meet the Team


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Jane is one of Fellow Velo’s co-founders. Growing up, she was lucky enough to spend nearly all her school holidays in France which developed a passion for its countryside and language.
She loves cycling and has an almost irrational emotional attachment to her favourite bike, Georges. Her best cycling adventures have nearly all been on cycle camping trips; savouring the feeling of freedom, especially at those moments when you’re at the head of the queue for a ferry, not entirely sure of the experiences that might unfold on the other side of the water.
Before Fellow Velo, Jane spent most of her career in Customer Services Management, including for French companies and, has also been a language teacher at home and in France. At the start of her career, Jane was Eurocamp’s first Graduate Manager.


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Andy is one of Fellow Velo’s co-founders. It was on a 2,000km cycle-camping trip down the length and across the breadth of France, that his part in the germ of an idea came, which has led to the development of Fellow Velo.
His first big bike ride was also his first ride in France; aged 17 a summer cycle-camping ride took him through France and Northern Spain and, a love of sharing cycling holidays has remained since then. He loves the development of tour routes and the sharing of their secrets with others.
Before Fellow Velo, most of his working life has been in countryside and outdoor recreation, managing, designing and advising on outdoor access.


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Karen’s part in Fellow Velo is mainly about keeping all the office systems running smoothly and, achieving our goal to make your holiday exceed expectations.
Karen’s real introduction to France came as a teenager through a good old-fashioned pen-pal link which meant great holidays and a wonderful opportunity to share in French family life. Her pen-pal’s extended family had homes all over France and that meant plenty of variety for summer holidays. Though she doesn’t get to spend as much time as the others riding in France, she especially cherishes time spent in Provence with her family.
Before Fellow Velo, Karen’s career path took her from the leisure industry to sales and on to education.


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Georges is the inspiration behind the Fellow Velo dream and leader of our fleet of bicycles. He is never happier than when he is rolling along a quiet, shaded lane with the breeze tickling his spokes. He loves water too, and has been known to cycle through fountains, pedal through puddles and stare at the waves rolling in from the sea. Georges has clocked up thousands of dreamy miles the length and breadth of France. He relishes the research of new routes, the discovery of secret lanes and the opportunity to share it all with like-minded travellers.