Cycling is a great means for exploring the countryside for people of all ages and abilities and, at Fellow Velo, we aim to do all in our power to make our cycle holiday tours as accessible as possible for all.

While our fleet of bikes are mainly standard specification mountain bikes, we can also provide alternatives and accessories that widen access to cycling adventures. We can offer children’s mountain bikes, tagalongs, trailers and child seats. Tandems can make cycling more accessible for some visually impaired people and some people with balance or mobility issues.

We also have links with Empowered People ( and Quest 88 ( with whom we may be able source an even greater diversity of cycles. As we cannot guarantee such availability for all tours, it is best to enquire as early as possible when planning your holiday.

If you have any access needs related to cycling or accommodation, for which you cannot find the necessary information in our website pages then, please do not hesitate to Contact Us to help us meet your needs.