Here are the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions;
About the Booking’, ‘Before You Go’ and, ‘About the Tour’.

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Questions about the booking:

How do I decide which Tour is best for me?

Now that you’ve chosen France for your cycling holiday, there are just a few simple questions you need to answer for yourself in order to find the best tour for you. Choose one of our tour areas from the map then, choose a tour type, whether you want to go on a Fully Guided, Self-guided or Independent tour in the area. For Fully Guided and Self-guided choices all you have to do then is check their individual start dates (Independent tours can be booked even more flexibly throughout the cycle touring season). If you are still unsure, just give us a call and we’ll help you choose.

What’s the difference between Fully Guided and Self Guided?

On Fully Guided tours, a member of the Fellow Velo Team will ride with your group during the day, able to add information on local and natural history along the way. Riding with a guide means support directly on hand for any repairs or problems. Fully Guided tours also include some picnics prepared for you, optional excursions and the opportunity to improve your french with games and quizzes.

You can also make exclusive group bookings on Fully Guided tours (a supplement applies). On Self-guided tours, you get a supported tour with the same great locations and accommodation but, you navigate your own cycling days with the route guidance provided. Self-guided tours do not include the great extra elements of the Fully Guided tours.

Can I go on this holiday on my own?

Yes, of course. On the Fully Guided and Self-guided tours you will be with a small group of like minded people. On each day, you can choose to ride with the group or at your own speed. (Maximum and minimum numbers for these tours will apply and will vary from tour to tour, please contact us for further information). Some tours may incur a single supplement for accommodation though, there may be opportunities to share rooms with like-minded tour companions (again please contact us for further information).

Can my non cycling friend/partner come with me?

Yes, they can on the Fully Guided Tours. On these tours they can travel to the next location in the support vehicle. Some of these Fully Guided Tours, particularly in Provence, have 2 nights in the same location with the potential for non cycling days. Plenty of tips will be provided for exploring all the locations visited. If you wish to discuss this further then please give us a call.

Are the holidays suitable for children?

Yes, depending on their age and cycling ability. We are keen to encourage families with children to enjoy the freedom and adventure of a cycling holiday and, we are happy to work with you to assess your individual needs. Parents know their children best so, if you are confident that the family can enjoy a tour grade then, there should be no reason to worry. If you are booking a Fully Guided tour, remember that there may be other people in the group who will have booked on the basis of the estimated cycling pace for that tour. Just let us know your cycle needs at the time of booking; baby seats, tagalong bikes, child bicycles etc.

How much “non-cycling” time do I get?

All of out tours are designed to be flexible so that you can either maximise your cycling opportunities or take advantage of half or whole day rests. Each tour has information on distances and estimated riding times. The tours are designed to give you time to explore on route and to have enough time to explore each destination. On some tours there are “non-cycling” days thus giving you more time to explore. On Fully Guided Tours, these rest days may have optional cycling or ‘non-cycling’ excursions or fun french language sessions.

Can I bring my own bicycle, or bits of my bicycle?

All or our Fully Guided and Self-guided tours are priced with inclusive bike hire but, if you have bonded with your own bike and cannot live without it then, of course you can bring it for the tour. On some tours, especially the Côte d’Opale and Paris Tours, you can start with your bike at the UK ferry port and enjoy the adventure of taking your bike on the ferry and not having the expense of travelling with your car. For the Provence and other tours, there are various options for travelling to the start destination with your bike, and if this is what you want to do we can offer you plenty of helpful advice. Most people will probably find it easiest to use a bike from our own fleet or through a designated bike hire supplier. If you just can’t survive without your own saddle then let us know in advance, on our Fully Guided and Self-guided tours we can arrange to fit it for you. (If you bring your own bike we will discount your holiday price by £50.00 per person)

Questions Before You Go:

When will I get my Fellow Velo Travel Pack?

Normally 2-3 weeks prior to departure. If you are going abroad earlier than your Tour start date then please let us know.

How much luggage can I take?

On all Fully Guided and Self-guided Tours you can take 2 pieces of luggage per person. We recommend a small bag or rucksack up to 25litres to help on rest days and excursions and, one larger piece of soft luggage to be moved from hotel to hotel. This luggage must be clearly labelled with your name and Tour Ref which will be given to you in your Travel Pack. Customers on Fellow Velo Independent Tours will be carrying and transporting their own luggage so, just plan for your own needs and ability; we can offer you advice and support if independent touring is new to you.

What insurance do I need?

You will need to arrange Holiday Health Insurance to ensure you have appropriate cover for this type of holiday. It needs to cover such things as repatriation due to illness, holiday cancellation etc. Please check the details of your insurance carefully as levels of cover vary greatly. You will need to provide details of this cover to Fellow Velo before you join the Tour. Additionally, UK nationals will need to obtain an EHIC card (which replaces the previous E111) available on-line via the Department of Health website www.gov.uk/european-health-insurance-card. It is free and entitles you to reciprocal cover within the EU. (If you are asked to pay for it you are on the wrong website.) The EHIC is no longer available via the Post Office.

How fit do I have to be?

Fellow Velo tours are all about relaxing rides through lovely landscapes. If you enjoy cycling and can cycle 20 miles during the day, have a leisurely evening meal followed by a good night’s sleep and then, wake to a lovely breakfast before doing the same again then, nearly all our tours are bound to be within your comfort zone.

On Fully Guided tours we generally average between 8-10 miles per hour during the riding time but, we can easily modify this to suit the group’s needs or wishes (especially if you have booked an exclusive group tour). On our Self-guided and Independent tours you are free to cycle at whatever pace you choose; just be sure to leave enough time to arrive at your next night’s accommodation. The elements and the terrain will make every day a little different some rides will be virtually on the flat, some will have hills and, some even be downhill. There is more detail on the web page for each tour. And remember, there is no shame in getting off for the occasional short walk and, on Fully Guided tours, you could always opt to provide the support vehicle with a little company.

How do I get to the start of each Tour? And back again at the end of the holiday?

Fellow Velo tours are priced on the basis that you travel to the starting location under your own steam but, your first night’s local accommodation before the tour begins is included in the price. We can offer advice on travel to any of our tour locations whether by car, train or aeroplane. All of our tours begin from locations which have either easy flight/train links or direct cross channel ferry links.

Questions About the Tour:

What about meals?

On our Fully Guided and Self-guided tours all breakfasts are included in the price but, we prefer to leave you with the flexibility of choosing your own lunches and evening meals. At some locations the best option will be the restaurant at your accommodation but sometimes there will be a variety of options for meals out (we will be able to provide suggestions either personally or in your Travel Pack). Fully Guided tours also include some picnics. On Independent tours, some breakfasts will be included and, we will provide suggestions on great places to eat along your route.

What is the accommodation like?

We carefully select all of the accommodation booked for our tours; we don’t simply operate on the basis of star ratings as there are some great simple or quirky places with the personal touch which can rival even the apparently grandest hotels. On each tour we try to offer a variety of types and sizes of accommodation to add to the charm and enjoyment of your holiday.Even when your tour takes you away from the coast, we will aim to offer you opportunities for some swimming where you stay. You can see illustrations of some of the accommodation we use on each tour web page. When we confirm your booking, we will provide more detail on your own overnight accommodation. On our camping tours, we will make sure that the range of campsites provide all the essential facilities you require.

What if my bicycle breaks down?

On all our tours we will provide either a personal or written briefing on what to do if you have a puncture or more serious breakdown with your bike. On Fully Guided tours, your Fellow Velo guide will be able to help with all the usual running repairs that may happen on a ride and, there is a backup vehicle nearby for more serious problems. On Self-guided tours it helps to have some knowledge for simple repairs but a support vehicle will not be too far away if you really need to call for it. On Independent Tours you will need to be self-sufficient (or at least enough to make it to a local cycle shop for bigger repairs).

Where can I leave my car?

If you are travelling to your tour location by car, we can help with information on long stay parking which may incur a local charge. This arrangement can be made for any of our tours, including those which can be started from a UK ferry port. Recommended parking options will be conveniently located for the start and finish of your chosen Fellow Velo tour.