Our Promise


Our Fellow Velo Promise

Whether you are already a Fellow Velo Customer or thinking about becoming one, we want to do everything to make your experience with us enjoyable, memorable and to a standard that meets your expectations of a professional organisation.

We believe that we have created some fantastic cycling holidays and, we have travelled every route ourselves. Our aim is that they are all very clearly described through all of our communication and, that your experience with us, before, during and after your holiday is as positive as we can make it.

To back up this aim, we make the following promises:

Our Communication and Information

  • Easy & Friendly - an easy to follow website and administration that aims to see the process from your point of view.
  • Clear & Precise - we will be clear about all the elements of the holiday with information you can measure us against.
  • Honest & Open - accurate descriptions of the cycling tours and the places along the way; if there’s a hill or two or a longer ride, you’ll be the first to know. You will receive comprehensive tour information packs before you leave for your holiday.
  • Flexible & Responsive - we are very happy to receive requests which might make our tours better for you whenever that is possible and, when we say we’ll get back to you with an answer, we mean it.

Your Holiday

  • Safety & Security - professionally researched and developed holidays on routes that we would happily share with our own family and friends; backed up specific briefings before and during your holiday with us.
  • Care & Support - the option of an on-hand guide to enhance your cycling experience and 24hr support available on all our Fully Guided and Self-guided Tours. For Independent Tours, we’ll still be there for you with support over the telephone.
  • Comfort & Confidence - an easy option for a taster weekend tour before your main holiday to help build your own cycling confidence and, your relationship with us.
  • Fun & Frolics - we will provide plenty of hints for more than just the obvious diversions and local attractions along your chosen route. On Fully Guided Tours we can even include language games and quizzes to add to your French experience.

Your Experience

  • Feedback & Suggestions - we actively encourage your holiday feedback and will use it to develop our tours, and that includes the time that you are on them.
  •  Photos & Videos - if you are happy to share your holiday experience with photos, videos or testimonials, we will make sure there are competitions and special offers that are there as future benefits for you.
  • Building a Relationship - stay connected with us through email and social media and we will help to build that relationship without bombarding you with messages that could ever leave you falling out of love with cycling.