Eat Sleep Drink



On Fellow Velo Tours, the arrangements for meals and snacks vary depending on the Type of Tour  you choose.

On Fully Guided Tours;

  • All breakfasts are included in the package. Breakfast will usually be included in your accommodation booking so that you are fuelled up before you start to pedal or, we could be taking you to a special café or patisserie just a short distance into the ride. It’s the same story on our camping tours where, on one site, you can even have your brioche delivered by buggy to your tent.
  • Lunches are also included on all of the cycling days of your tour. Lunches can be at planned hostelry stops along the way, provisions gathered up along the morning ride or, might be a surprise picnic already laid out as you round a bend in the road.
  • A couple of evening meals may be included in individual tour prices but whenever possible we like to leave the time and space for Fellow Velo riders to make their own choices, especially at locations where there is a real variety of options available to them.

On Self-guided and Independent Tours;

  • Breakfasts are nearly always included in the package at each of your accommodation stops.
  • We can help you plan your lunches at hostelry stops along the way or, created from provisions gathered up along the morning ride. Of course you have the freedom to choose how, where and when you take your breaks.
  • For evening meals, we like to leave the time and space for Fellow Velo riders to make their own choices, especially at locations where there is a real variety of options available to them. We will of course be able to make recommendations for each of your stops along the way.


The accommodation package for each of our tours looks to take advantage of the great variety of places to stay in the area. On each tour we will book you in with friendly and welcoming hosts, where you can relax at the end of your day and have a great night’s sleep, refreshed before the day ahead.
On our Fully Guided and Self-guided Tours, we have a select list of accommodation from which we make your bookings. We have visited them all and know that you will be well looked after.
We have sought out family, community and independent run businesses across the range of auberges, small hotels, chambres d’hôtes and, the occasional abbey.
Wherever we can, we have actively planned that mix to broaden the experience for your holiday.


Drinking on your rides is important, especially on hot or longer days; taking on plenty of water or other soft drinks really helps. While on many tours there are opportunities to taste local specialities like wines along the way, it’s usually best just to sample for the future and plan a return. Approached positively, it’s about your health and sometimes some extra happiness.
On the healthy side of things, when you’re riding with us on a Fully Guided Tour we will make sure that we have a plentiful supply of water or other soft liquids to help keep you properly hydrated. For our Self-guided and Independent Tours, we will provide advice on keeping hydrated on your ride and, make sure you know where supplies can be picked up along the way.
For those extra drinks, either to whet your appetite or for longer lingering looks at the local produce, we can steer you in the right direction; cider in Brittany, a micro-brewery in Normandy, the myriad vineyards of the Medoc or the punchy wines of Provence. You might even discover a speciality that will surprise.