F1 Grand Prix Ride – 7 Days (Deposit)

F1 Grand Prix Ride – 7 Days (Deposit)


Tour From £1155.00 Per Person

£450.00 Deposit required per person for order

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Product Description

In a little corner of Provence, this great cycling tour holds a huge variety of experiences and, lets you explore the delights of the Côte d’Azur in a gentle and relaxing way. Often just tucked behind the glitz and the glamour, you will have plenty of opportunities to dip into the Riviera lifestyle or you can choose to glide by along its lesser known trails.
This part of the Riviera eschews some of the international spotlight that can bear down on Cannes, Nice and Monaco but it has some beautiful coastal towns and villages offering a quieter and slightly more gentle pace of life.
Start your tour in Provence and ride the Riviera as the glamour and excitement builds en route to the Monaco Grand Prix.


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