Product Description

Our Entre Deux Mers Tour makes for a great ride from the centre of France’s Atlantic coastline at La Rochelle, and through Historic Aquitaine. It is also the second leg of a potential three leg cycle tour which guides you down the length and breadth of France.
When this area was governed by the Angevin Empire through much of the Middle Ages, the vast production of wine it controlled accounted for a significant proportion of the Crown’s national income. Crossing this part of France can easily be mapped by names which resonate with the fruit of its earth; Médoc, Entre Deux Mers, Graves and Armagnac. Fabulous coastal stretches give way to green slopes falling into rivers, great and small. And, when it comes to the built environment, there is Bordeaux ‘The Pearl of Aquitaine’ a wine capital for the world and, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its historic architecture and, Toulouse ‘The Pink City’, named after its terracotta bricks and, also proud possessor of two World Heritage Sites.

As one of our ‘Length and Breadth’ Fully Guided Tours, this offers a closer to nature experience as you can choose for nearly all of the nights to be spent on campsites, with campsite meals provided on three of the evenings (or you can choose the Hotel/B&B version of the tour). We provide the tents and, will pitch them for you; your own sleeping bag and camping mat are the only real extras you will need to bring in comparison to our other tours. Your luggage will be transferred for you between campsites so, the cycling remains a relaxing pleasure but the feeling of a greater escape is real and the rewards are plentiful.